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43 Pegboard Hook Set & 4 pegboard containers

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Save £5.

43 piece pegboard hook accessories set includes pegboard hooks and 4 pegboard containers. Exclusive to UK.

The best pegboard hook and accessories set in the UK

Includes all these hooks for your pegboard

  • 23cm pegboard ring rail
  • 23cm pegboard hook rail
  • 3 pegboard ring hooks,
  • 3 pegboard hoop hooks,
  • 1 pegboard twin arm hooks
  • 5 locking straight hooks 3.5cm
  • 5 locking straight hooks 3cm
  • 6 locking V hooks
  • 6 locking curve J hooks
  • 4 pegboard containers
  • 4 straight hooks 8.5cm and
  • 4 straight hooks 13cm

    • 43 piece pegboard hook set: pegboard hooks and pegboard conatiners fit all 1/4 inch holes (0.635cm) pegboards with 1 inch or 2.54cm spacing. Hooks are 1/8 inch in size.

    • Pegboard set includes: 12 different types of pegboard hooks and pegboard containers for a variety of hanging applications in craft room, kitchen garage, workshop and shed.

    • Heavy Duty: hardened steel construction to provide maximum strength

    • Nickel Plated: corrosion-resistant nickel plating finish for durability

    • Multi use: perfect for storage and organising a wide range of craft and sewing materials, kitchen utensils, keys, tools, household bits and bobs, extension cords and a lot more.
    €22.99 inkl. MwSt
    €19.16 ohne MwSt

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